Dr Mike Baker, ND

I have always wanted to be in the medical profession for two reasons; I am drawn to helping people and I enjoy solving problems, so initially I wanted to be a MD. But I’m very strongly drawn to nature. I enjoy spending a long time just looking around on a hiking trail learning about the plants and leaves. So my strong natural curiosity was a perfect fit with naturopathic medicine, where the physician’s job is to find the root cause of a patient’s problems beneath many different layers of symptoms, and then guide him or her toward a healthier lifestyle.

The option of being a naturopathic doctor occurred to me while attending university. During my time there I saw an ND and was pleasantly surprised! Her approach was thorough and holistic, and I was truly impressed with the abundance of therapeutic options she had to offer. As I had acupuncture done she prepared a personalized tincture, and I was sent home with recommended lifestyle changes. I wasn’t just given a single pill! But most importantly, I got to tell my health story to someone who had the time to listen.

I grew up in Invermere, and so I’m happy to be back! Now in my spare time I enjoy mountain biking, skiing, exploring the Columbia valley, and trying to make gluten free food taste good.


BSc Biochemistry, University of Lethbridge
MSc Molecular Biology, University of Lethbridge
Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine, Boucher Institute of Naturopathic Medicine

My practice philosophy

In my practice I blend science-based therapies with holistic treatments that have been proven effective throughout history. I graduated with a masters degree in molecular biology and with this scientific background, the treatment plans I suggest to patients are evidence based, research proven, and clinically effective. I practice safety by always considering interactions between drugs, herbal medicine and supplements.

I believe that the body has an amazing ability to heal itself, but every now and then it needs help. Naturopaths are trained to restore balance by treating the cause of an illness and considering all of the factors in one’s health: medical history, lifestyle, environment, diet, mental health, genetics, and symptoms. With this well-rounded approach, and the many therapeutic resources at our disposal, symptoms are quick to resolve and less likely to recur. Although I believe in the healing power of nature, I won’t hesitate to use antibiotics and other pharmaceuticals where necessary. I work really well with medical doctors because I’m licensed to prescribe. That means I understand the medications that patients are on, and I know potential interactions between pharmaceuticals and natural products.